Cameras were added to our Main Street in 2009 to discourage vandalism. Law Enforcement Officials will be able to review the tapes of the Main Street area while investigating crimes. Along with private cameras of some local businesses our Police Department now has more resources available to use while solving crimes. If you are having difficulty viewing this page, please email Town Manager with your concerns. Please note that only Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+ is supported. The first time you view these cameras you will need to install the software. You will get the following prompts:

1. Click on the bar at the top.
2. Click ‘Install ActiveX Control…’ from the dropdown.

NOTE: Don’t see a bar? to install the software.
3. Click ‘Install’ when the security warning pops up.

Make your camera selection below:

  (The Plaza camera is only available to be viewed using Firefox, other cameras can be viewed on Internet Explorer)