Monday, January 6th, 2020

2020 Trash Passes are available and needed when entering the Transfer Station.  Please make sure you get yours from the Town Office as soon as possible.  Please bring your vehicle registration (s) for faster service.

Sand: There is a large pile at the front of the Public Works building placed there for the residents of Lincoln to get road sand.  Please limit sand to the equivalent of 2-five gallon buckets of sand per storm.  Also, please note that no one is to go behind the building to get sand from the large pile.  The sand is the same sand that is out front.  It is a hazard to be in or near the sand pile in the rear of the building.  This is for your safety, please stay out of the sand pile out back.  Also, the sandy gravel located to the side of the building in the material bays is NOT road sand but in fact material that is used to build and repair roads.  This sand is NOT for the use by residents.

Thank you for your cooperation.